Saturday, May 22, 2010

What is My Subconscious Trying to Tell Me?

I had a dream in the very early hours of this morning that I couldn’t help but wish was true. I had made these earrings that were essentially red yarn crocheted to look like a stem of coral with seed beads mixed in. In all honesty, the earrings were heinous. Who wears crocheted things hanging from their ears? But I digress. I posted them in my Etsy shop, and *boom* I got ten sales, just like that. I was flabbergasted. It felt so real. I hoped it was real. In fact, when I woke up I checked my email for sale notifications but alas, there were none.

I feel like I’ve been trying so long and so hard to get my Etsy shop off the ground. But really ten months isn’t that long, and I’ve put more effort in to it recently than in many of the past few months. I’ve gotten a lot of great advice, but I think the reality of it is that I’ve got to buckle down and start making a lot of jewelry and post it to see what happens.

My Etsy Shop: Willow Works


Jeanine said...

I can't get the link to work, but I'm sure I can find it on my own again.

E. R. K. said...

The link to my Etsy shop should be fixed now :)

Jeanine said...

get anything fun made this weekend? gosh, when was the last time I had my beads out! I think when a friend got her ears pierced, so I wanted to make her two pairs to get her collection jump started.

I think jewelry is so personal, its tricky getting your own brand started. I agree, make lots. See what styles YOU love making the most. and market the hell out of yourself!! (for example, a friend who started a photography/card company made business cards, and was giving them out like crazy)